Friday, 26 September 2014

A Strange Day In July (Narrative Writing)

"Plot, plot, plot." Bob was at a beach in the USA, skipping stones. It was 7:59, when he skipped the third stone. The time was 8:00 and the third stone came skipping back.

Bob was sleeping, when a mysterious voice forced him to sleepwalk. Bob followed the voice, the voice went out of the house and towards the beach. The voice was just the hungry ocean...

Bob was at the beach about to skip his third stone, when the same voice saying "The next stone will come skipping back, if you do throw the stone, you will be cursed." But Bob ignored the voice and threw the third stone with all his might. The stone was skipping back, Bob was so afraid he ran home crying.

Bob was hiding in his bed for two years but he didn't realize the time had gone. When he woke up he heard the doorbell ringing. So he got up and walked to the door. Bob opened the door and standing there was his friend Jim, waiting for Bob to come out to the beach and skip stones. But because Bob forgot he was cursed, he went out to the beach.

When he was about to throw his third stone the time changed to 2:00 in the afternoon. After he threw the third stone the voice said, "I will eat you!" and three seconds later the sea gobbled up the two friends And they were never seen again...

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