Monday, 16 February 2015

Peer Mediation

16 February 2015
Merit Evidence: Peer Mediation
Today I have remembered to turn up to my Peer Mediation duty.
In my group I had Jack W and Emma D.
I enjoyed walking around the field and looking at the younger children play thier games.
Nobody came to us for help. We found a year 4 student named Gus who wasn't wearing his hat. So we reminded him to get his hat and if he didn't have a hat we told him to sit under the shade sails. But he didn't listen so I decided to go and tell the duty teacher.
The duty teacher told him to go sit under the shade sails because he didn't have a hat.
At about 10 past 1 I went to give the i-Pad to the next people.
I found them outside Room 25. After that I played football with my friends.

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