Saturday, 21 March 2015

Run, Bike, Run

21 March 2015
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Yesterday the Kauri Team went to the Halswell Domain for the annual run, bike, run.
When the 11 o'clock bell got ready to go to the Halswell Domain. It was about 20 past 11 when we went out of Brenda Place to Halswell Domain. The walk was long but we finally got there.
Then the Year 4's had their race. While they were doing their race the Year 7/8's played games that the house captains organised. We got to choose out of Bang, Paper Scissors Rock, or Tricky Tag. Finally it was the Year 7/8's race. I entered the individual race. The bike was harder than last year. I came 7th. I felt proud of myself because I came in the top 10.

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