Monday, 29 June 2015


I want to become a basketball player and I’m going to share how to become a basketball player.
(NBA stands for National Basketball Association, and NBL stands for National Basketball League.)

This is what to do at High School. There are no subjects you need to take at High School but it is recommended that you take PE as one of your subjects and making it into the basketball team will increase the chance of being a NBA player. Show respect and communicate well. This will help because if you don’t the coach could not let you play.

Practise everyday or mostly everyday. Challenging someone older or taller than you will help. This will help improve your skills and learn from others. Start off with some drills (dribbling would be the best option). After that start shooting from short and long distances. Get a friend and start passing to each other, then play 1 on 1 basketball. Fitness is also important, so you need to do exercises often (e.g. shuttles).

This is the pathway most basketball players in New Zealand will take. You will need to start at High School, at about the age of 14+ (the youngest NBL player was 14), to the NBL. Some High School students play in the NBL. To be playing in NBL you will need to be scouted and be a player who stands out. From NBL make it into the New Zealand basketball team. Then you need to apply for the NBA. For NBA there is a draft lottery.

NBA Draft Lottery
Every basketball player needs to play in a team. So apply for the NBA draft lottery. You need to be 22 years old or enter the lottery 4 years afters after finishing High School. There are only about 60 players who make it. The NBA draft lottery rules have changed since the 2006 draft lottery. Before 2006 students from High School were allowed to enter the draft.

This is some training that the team will provide. Nutrition, to learn what to eat before and after a game. Media/Public Relations to learn how to handle people. They will also provide a 2nd choice incase you get injured. 2nd choice includes jobs like a paramedic, physiotherapist and more.

Play and get Transferred
You need to play and be a good teammate. You also need to play hard and fair. You will need to improve and you can’t be late for games or training. If you are you may get kicked out of the team. If you improve you may get offered more money and go to a better team.

Although making it into NBA will be hard, train harder, practise harder and it will give a higher chance of making it into NBA. Personally I think it would be nearly impossible but there is still a chance to make it into NBA.

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