Wednesday, 1 July 2015


1 July 2015
Excellence Evidence: PALs
Today I had my PALs duty. This time I was on Kakano duty. I couldn't do it in the first part because I had violin practise. So they started off playing Tricky Tag and then slightly after I came they changed to Octopus for 5 minutes and then we ended up playing another round of Tricky Tag. I reminded 2 of them but only 1 of the people I reminded turned up which is very disappointing. I joined in with the Kakano students. The thing I enjoyed the most is that we get to teach the students games that they might not have known before. I enjoy Kauri duty more than Kakano duty. I enjoy being part of PALs although it takes up your time you still can join in the game and have fun with the students.

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