Monday, 12 October 2015

Peer Mediation

12 October 2015
Distinction Evidence: Peer Mediation
Today I had my Peer Mediation duty. The other students weren't at school, so I asked one of my friends to help me. So my friend and I went onto the field. There were no conflicts. But there were about 10 students who didn't have a hat on, and they were mainly Year 5/6 students. (In Terms 1 and 4 every student needs to have a hat on their heads, if they don't have a hat they need to stay in the shade.) I talked to them, but they all said that their teacher gave them a 'One Day Grace'. So I decided to go to the other side of the field, where the younger students were playing their games. I couldn't find a single student without their hat off. After I finished my duty I went and played with my friends.

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