Thursday, 7 April 2016

Merit Can Do 6

7 April 2016
Merit Evidence for: Student Leader
Today we talked about priorities about our life at and not at school.
We did an activity about it.

School Work:
A teacher or an expert can help me with this.
My responsibility is usually my highest priority during school time.
I am trying to complete it, that is the main objective.

Leadership Work:
Other house captains, Mr Brown and Mr Ladbrook can help me with this.
Everyday before and after school.
Putting up and down the flags EVERYDAY.

Outside of School Work:
Parents, my computer, other people in life can help me.
When I’m not at school.

Everything out of school.

These are my priorities at and not at school.
I showed the learner quality of Connect, because I had to connect my ideas to the topic.

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