Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Linear Proportions

WALT reason with linear proportions.
I had to complete two activities, the activities were hard.

The first one was about finding the best bundle for someone's data.
Shopping for data
I had to fill out a sheet to find out which bundle was the best and come up with a conclusion.
512 MB
2 GB
4 GB
10 GB

Stay with Cellcom so that she doesn’t need to buy a new phone.

Buy 2 4GB things and on the next month buy one 2GB and one 4GB things and repeat.

The second one was to find the Capacity of a box and find a relationship with the length of the side of the box.
I came up with a formula to find the Capacity of the box.
(x-(2x2)x(y-(2x2)x2=C (Capacity)

My next step is to sit an Algebra test.

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  1. Jonathan. This is an impressive blog post from an impressive learner. You are doing some great things in Maths. Keep it up. It is nice to hear you say that the task was hard. You have obviously been resilient though and worked hard to achieve your learning goal. Keep it up!