Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Splash, Splosh, SPLASH!
Swimming at Starfish is so much fun.
In the last few days Room 12 drove on a school bus, as long as a passenger train,
to Starfish Swim School.

First Room 12 got changed fast into their togs and hopped into the pool.
The pool was crystal blue and hot-chocolatey warm pool.

Then we got warmed up by under the water of the warm pool for five seconds.

Next we did some swimming.
Freestyle, backstroke, with and without boards.

After that when we were about to finish we played a swimming game.
They were races and 'who can swim the most' competitions.

On the last day, we did relays.
I was next, I thought that I would drown.
But I survived although I drank a lot of water. YUCK!

After all that hard work Room 12 dried ourselves with our own dry towels and then
got changed into our school uniform.

It was the best time of the day, although I was so tired I felt like dying.
My arms and legs were aching.
I enjoyed it so much.

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  1. Great work. Hope you enjoy better next time and save swimming pool water. ^^. Have a fun holiday!!!