Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Peer Mediation

8 September 2015
Distinction Evidence: Peer Mediation
Yesterday I had my Peer Mediation duty. I couldn't do it last week because my school had a 'Teacher's Only Day', so I was glad that I could do it yesterday. I went around the field but I was 'stuck' on the Junior side of the field. I had to help some Kakano students solve a problem that they had. I had to help about 6 students find a solution to their problem. But the same 6 students came up about 3 times. It was hard trying to help them because they kept on coming up to us for help. Then another student (a student that wasn't in the 6 students) said another student kicked her. We couldn't find the student who kicked her so we said to go to a teacher. Peer Mediation would have been better if there were no conflicts.

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