Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Excellence Must Do 2

19 October 2016
Excellence Evidence for: Kauri Team Events
Today we had our first day of the 2016 Kauri athletics. Firstly we had shotput I threw my 3kg shotput the furthest of the 12-year-old boys. Then we had long jump. After that, we had a very short lunch break. After the bell rang we went back to class. We all went back out and did our next event. My next event was discus. I had two great throws. My second throw had a very good spin on it and I won the 12-year-old boys' discus. Then we went to high jump. I got to 1.25 metres. I had a fun day and the weather was amazing. I showed Excellence by not giving up and I also showed leadership by wearing my sunhat so the younger students would too.

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